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Debra Cade

Highly recommend! Lea is professional and caring. Her work speaks for itself. 

Family photos, head shots, sports photos, you will not be disappointed. Top notch.

Sandy Drewry

Lea Irene Photography did our family photos during winter break. All I can say is, WOW!!! She was creative and knew exactly where to pose us for every shot. We felt so comfortable and enjoyed the entire experience! Thanks so much for the great pictures!! 

Donna Moore

Lea does an awesome job with Real Estate photos. She not only captures every aspect of the interior but does an outstanding job of the exterior and surrounding areas. Really gives a prospective buyer a great feel of where they will live - both inside and out!

Michelle Wiltshire

Lea takes amazing action shots! Perfect for any sporting event. She really captures those great moments. I love looking at the game through her eyes.

Nicki Bechtol amazing at what she does!! She took my son's Senior pictures and did an amazing job. My son isn't the easiest person to photography, because he dislikes getting his picture taken. But, Lea was able to still capture some amazing photos and I am so grateful. You can tell from her photos that Lea loves what she does! Thank you, Lea!!

Jaimie Petty

I have been so fortunate  to have Lea take photos of my son during the last 3 football seasons. Each week, I anxiously awaited her photos, and each week I grew more, and more impressed with her uncanny ability to capture the essence of the game. It is obvious that Lea puts a lot love in what she does and that is what sets her apart from everyone else.

Kari Houchin

Whether Lea is taking action photos during a game or working one on one during a photo shoot, she is always able to capture moments that show true emotion. I have never had better photos taken of my family and could not imagine using any other photographer again.

Sarah Smith

I have watched Lea in awe for four years as she supported the Sabino High School Football, volleyball, and basketball teams.  Watching Lea work is like watching a focused athlete compete.  She is able to capture the most beautiful images of students while they are actively playing sports.  My favorite thing about Lea’s method is that she doesn’t simply focus on the competition but also the athlete themselves.  She captures candid moments of students preparing, having fun, helping one another, and reflecting.  Lea is not only an excellent sports photographer but a perfect photographer in general.  From events, portraits, and political candidate publicity photos she is able to put her subjects at ease to preserve timeless moments.  When you work with Lea you’re not just working with a photographer doing a job - you’re working with someone who is invested in capturing memories that will last a lifetime. 

Cynthia Adkins

Right off the bat, you will know that Lea is not “just” a photographer, she truly is an artist. She has a gift of capturing special moments from unique perspectives breathing life into every picture. We have been fortunate to work with Lea during our grandsons sporting events as  well as still settings. She captures moments as if she were telling a story, not just objects or scenes but adding adjectives and adverbs to each photo drawing us in. We cannot attend most of Jayson’s games however, I can hardly wait until she makes the photos available for us  to view. I literally go through every picture, in order, as if I’m reading a story as she catches the expressions on the players faces as well as action shots. We highly recommend her if you are in search of someone that can tell your story in photographs.      

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